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Citizens can avail our specialized services in the matters of matrimonial and family matters. We handle dowry Matters, divorce and Child Custody, maintenance for wife and child, Property after divorce matters, maintenance in divorce case, sexual harassment with womens, domestic violence , child custody guardian ship cases, etc. and we provide specialized top divorce lawyers in Mumbai.  Our Divorce Advocates in Mumbai are specialized in handling above work efficiently. We also provide NRI Lawyer in Mumbai for Indian citizens living abroad.

Our law firm offers wide range of legal services in the area of family laws, 498A ipc, Hindu marriage act, special marriage acts in respect of dowry cases etc. The modest vision by us is providing legal advice to divorcing couples undergoing emotional, financial and domestic turmoil.

Over last many years we’ve got committed ourselves to assist our clients in upholding their rights as an individual. We have our skilled associates who are recognized for good achievements. We offer day-and-night accessibility and dedicated consultants serve our client desires at any place and anytime. Our NRI lawyer in Mumbai provides advisory and services for NRI and foreign nationals in matters arising out of Indian matrimonial / Divorce/ Family laws. Our top divorce lawyers In Mumbai handles this task efficiently. We offer our best legal services though our Top Divorce Advocates in Mumbai /Thane/ Navi Mumbai, from divorce to child custody which include following:


Most common FAQ asked by Citizens.

a) What if i do not wish to urge divorced?

In certain cases, if one spouse is prepared to file for divorce he or she will be able to proceed by filing a contested divorce petition in court with help of divorce lawyers on the grounds laid under respective divorce act. this may leave the other spouse feeling low-powered. in the mediation process, mediator listens to what’s important to every spouse and work to help you make a joint decision because this may ultimately work best for both of you. Court and mediator try to work out all of the options for married couples including separation, divorce, medical care and marital mediation.


b) What if I wish to get divorce?

In certain cases, if one spouse filed contested divorce petition in court on the grounds laid under respective divorce act. Another spouse could admit allegation of the other side and proceed for divorce or could deny allegations mentioned in Divorce Petition but could consent for divorce conditionally. In such situation court sents such matters for mediation. in the mediation process, mediator listens to both spouse and make both of them ready for divorce by converting divorce petition in mutual divorce petition with help of consent terms decided by both spouses. Sometimes according to situation we need to hire top divorce lawyers.

c) If both spouses wish, will court give divorce?

If both wishes to get divorce, both could file Mutual divorce petition with help of Divorce lawyers in Mumbai. In such situation court sent such matters for mediation. In this procedure, both spouses could decide and mention their conditions and terms finalized by them. in the mediation process, mediator discusses with both spouse terms mentioned in the petition and finalized it and sends for Court judgement.

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