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Mutual Consent Divorce is a simple way of coming out of the marriage and dissolve it legally. Important  requirements is the mutual consent of the husband & wife. There are two aspects on which Husband & Wife have to reach to consensus. One is the alimony or maintenance issues. As per the Law there is no minimum or maximum limit of maintenance. It could be any figure or no figure. Next important consideration is the Child Custody. This can be worked out effectively between the parties. Child Custody in Mutual Consent Divorce can be shared or joint or exclusive depending upon the understanding of the spouses.

  • Permanent Alimony or Maintenance.

  • Jewelry and articles to be exchanged.

  • Custody of children

  • Monthly maintenance of Children.

  • Rights to visit children.

  • School, College, further studies expenses of children.

  • Parties claim on properties of each other in future.


  • Initial meeting and discussion with husband and wife on terms of Divorce.

  • On finalisation of terms, to draft and file Mutual Divorce Petition as per mutually agreed terms between both the parties.

  • On day of first hearing court sends both husband and wife to the marriage counselor for counselling.

  • Counselor discuss with both the parties their points of dipute and try to resolve the same so that parties could rethink on their decision of divorce.

  • After first day of counselling, Counsellor sents his report to the Court and Court gives 6 months period to the parties so that they can resolve their differences in the said 6 months period.

  • After 6 months on subsequent date court again sents both husband and wife for Counselling

  • If both the parties fails to resolve their differences, counselor tries again to resolve the dispute between both the parties.

  • If counselor failed to resolve the dispute, he send report to the Court.

  • Judgement.

Mutual Divorce is limited time activity which involves counselling to both husband and wife and to get suitable terms of mutual divorce for them. Shreeyansh Legal provides service of the prominent lawyer for the abovesaid task. Please contact for more information.


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