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While Registration Police Verification is very important factor which most of the flat owners forget.

Renting out a property sounds a moneymaking choice to several folks. The high demand for rental homes from migrating population in cities makes it a pretty avenue for home homeowners. Some individuals ignore the importance of tenant verification and hire out their properties while not acting legal due diligence. this is often not solely risky for your property however additionally for your well-being as a property owner. If you do not verify your tenant, you’ll be able to be held accountable for this negligence if your tenant is having CRIMINAL BACKGROUND.

Police verification form is easily available online and you can also get it at Police station. You can simply fill the form with information of owner and tenant and attach registered leave and license agreement copy and submit to the police station.

Get information from previous Owner

If the tenant used to reside in the nearby location previously. You can ask phone number of his previous landlord and ask him about the Licensee. In discussion you will get lot of information about habits and way the licensee use the licensed premises, the people visiting his premises and there character.

Friends and family members recommendation:

You can ask recommendation of family and friends from tenant. In case of such family member or friends are residing at nearby vicinity, it will good for you in situations like non payment of rent, sudden disappearance of tenant, tenant involved in criminal activity.

Legal checkRental Agreement

Rental agreement is bible in case of any dispute. Therefore with suggestion of your lawyer get rent agreement properly drafted and include all clauses necessary for your safety. Keep in your mind one thing if you can anticipate future complication then only you can draft a good rent agreement. Today’s scenario you have two option for registration i.e offline or online leave and license agreement registration. Offline leave and license agreement registration is time consuming and require more effort. Online rent agreement registration require less effort and hassle free and easily available at home service. Click this for more information on online rent agreement registration at home.

Check original documents

It is a good practice for Licensee to check the original documents to check whether owner is having actual ownership rights on premises.

Early renewal reminder :

You can give early reminder to tenant for renewal if he wish to. This will give time to you to check for another tenant and if you do not wish to keep the same tenant again. It gives the signal to landlord about any upcoming dispute.

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